Wall is size everything or is it how he uses it? The problem is, says Mich from https://charlotteaction.org/earls-court-escorts Earls Court escorts, and is that so much of these is stereotyped. A lot has been written in the press about this issue, and most people presume size matters. A lot of women do not experience vaginal orgasms, they experience clitorial orgasms, and that has nothing to do with penis size. It has to do with the clitoris being stimulated and the end result is an orgasm according to Mich from Earls Court escorts. It is not so hard to figure out once you know a little bit sexual anatomy, she says.

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Reading general magazines, you would have thought that only penis size matters, but there are so many misconceptions. We never seem to be able to have a true and open debate about stuff, we just make all of these bold statement, laughs Mich from Earls Court escorts. A lot of people who write these articles are not experts, they are just writers who get told to make a certain topic interesting. In fact, most Earls Court escorts, think what is written in general is a lot of rubbish or not very well researched, says Tina. So many magazines just like to attract readers through sensational headlines.


Should we take what is written in the press for granted? Maybe we should think twice about what we read, says Mich from Earls Court escorts. A lot of us take what is written in the press for gospel, but it may not be. We must always remember that selling magazines and papers is what the press is all about. Men with smaller penises already have a hard time already and don’t need the extra hassle. They may feel bad about themselves and embarrassed. I have had several boyfriends with small penises, says Mich from Earls Court escorts, and I have had a good time in bed.


Honestly, I think says Mich from Earls Court escorts, that many of these magazines should write about making love and how to enjoy sex better. But, she adds quickly, they should write about it in such as way that it truly informs people. Earls Court escorts believe that more information should be available about good sex, but we can only do so by being honest. Being truthful about sex is something very difficult for most people. If, we could manage to be a bit more honest and truthful, a lot of us would have better sex lives.


I strongly dislike the negative publicity in a lot of publications about sexual performance, says Mich from Earls Court escorts. If these publications were to do their research and write some honest pieces, it would help everybody. Men, or women, that have a sex problem should go and see a therapist, not be taken in by the negative headlines. I know that it is not easy, but asking for help is a step in the right direction. The truth is, most people probably don’t need help, and they have just been made to feel inadequate by the press.

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