A lot of my dates at www.charlotteaction.org Heathrow escorts often ask me about my personal fetishes. I don’t mind sharing my personal fetishes with my dates at all and sometimes it can be rather fun to do so. Many of the gents that I date at Heathrow escorts think that my fetishes are going to be really unusual. But I have to admit that many of my fetishes are rather run of the mill and not that exciting at all. However, it all depends on what you think is exciting I suppose.

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I must admit that I have a slight leather fetish. Some of the girls here at Heathrow escorts are really into PVC but I cannot say that turns me on at all. For me it has to be actual leather and I cannot get enough of it. Sometimes I think that I go a bit over the top. Actually I think that leather underwear feels really good and I love wearing it. Some of the gents that I date at Heathrow escorts seem to share my passion and don’t mind when I dress up in my leather gear.

Anything that I am really into are handcuffs. Over the years I have built up a really nice collection and I do bring it out for some of my visiting gents at Heathrow escorts. Of course I don’t expect them to appreciate my fetish but many of them like to see my handcuffs and perhaps even try them on. You have to be really careful when you date at Heathrow. Many gents are from abroad and they can easily misunderstand the situation.

On occasion I like to go a bit BDSM. I have to say that the vast majority of gents that I meet at Heathrow escorts are not into BDSM. Some of them seem to enjoy it but not to a really great extent. When I dress up in my BDSM gear it will be for very special gents who share my passion with me. I think that BDSM is rather mainstream here in the UK now and it has come to be accepted. But you still have to be really careful how you use BDSM.

I don’t think that any of my fetishes are bad at all. We have had a lot of new girls join us here at Heathrow escorts recently, and I think that some of them think that a few of my fetishes are a bit off the wall. I know that it can be hard to join an escorts service and come across a lot of this new stuff, but the girls soon get used to it. In many ways, it is a bit of an eye opener for many of the girls and I am sure that they may even go on to trying it. If they would like to come and play with me, I would be absolutely fine about it. Who knows? They may even start to enjoy it after a little while.

My Fetishes
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