Marriage is about having a person to become part of your life for a lifetime. It is about being together and facing challenges. Love is about accepting the flaws and mistakes of a person. It is about making two different people into one. Love is about making the two of you happy and contented about life. When you love each other, you have to make sure that you can be stood during good and bad times of your life. Love is giving your all to the person, everything you have and submit yourself as a whole. Many people have been so in love that their lives change, some changes are good, and some are bad. Many of us have gone through difficult roads, but if you have someone to help you go through, it becomes more natural to survive. All of us needs someone to complete the missing pieces of our heart. And to maintain it, you have to be faithful with each other and never make any wrongdoings to avoid breakups. When you love a person, you have to express it and show how much they mean to you. One key to having a successful relationship is not to stop showing love or change your attitude towards your partner. You have to remain what you are and why he/she fell in love with you.


To be able to have a happy life, you have to be contented and create happy memories with one person. Every relationship has ups and downs, but no matter what you are going through never give up to the person you love. You have to make sure that you can maintain the love you shared with each other. My life was not perfect, but I have a family to make my life complete. Our family is simple, but we make sure we have lots of memories to share. My parents are both in love with each other, and they have shown us how lovely they are to one another. According to my parents, when they marry they already accepted and stood their vows. And that because marriage should not take for granted. So, at that moment, I realized how sacred is marriage, it makes sense to me now.  All my life, I dream to meet the first and last person I will love and be mind for the rest of my life.


Until I met, Kelley, a South London escort . I went to South London to continue my studies, but this beautiful woman caught my attention. She is beyond perfect, and her personality is good. She helped me to focus my studies and finished it. We have a relationship, and now I am ready to build my family. She deserved love and respect. She is loyal and loves me. I couldn’t wait for a long time but marry her at 4th of July.

Marrying a South London escort at 4th of July
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