If You Believe in Jesus, What Do You Do With Santa?

WARNING:  This post contains religious content.

But first, Santa and Jesus duking it out, South Park style:

That has nothing to do with what my post is about.

So anyhoo…

Steve and I were eating lunch yesterday talking about Christmas.  We were also talking about Black Friday, and how American consumerism has shifted the focus of Christmas away from Jesus.  Then Santa came up.

Me: “What do we do with Santa?”

Steve: “Umm..I dunno.  You should google it.”

My husband knows me so well.  And so I did.

Upon my inquiry, I found a lot of articles spewing venom at Santa, noting that if you rearrange the letters of his name, it spells “satan.”   I also found an Atheist who believes that Santa and Jesus are essentially the same.  But then I found this. A great article from Christianity Today about why even Christian kids need Santa.

Here is what I don’t want Christmas to be about in my house:

1.  Santa only brings you presents if you’re good.

2.  It’s all about the presents.

3.  Santa is Jesus.

4.  Christmas exists to please children.

5.  A wish-list is a demand list.

6.  All the other kids get presents and I don’t. Plus you ruined my life because you never let me believe in Santa.  Therefore, you are a horrible mother.


I personally think its pretty tough to try to explain Santa to a little kid while still accomplishing goals 1-6.  However, I think the article gave me some ideas.

Here are things I plan to say to Lilah about Santa (when she’s old enough to grasp…well..anything):

1.  Santa will bring you a gift no matter how good or bad you have been, because he loves you and forgives you.

2.  Santa will bring you what he thinks is best for you, not everything you ask for.

3.  Santa is Saint Nicholas, a man who loved Jesus.

4.  He loves little children because Jesus loves little children and liked to make them smile.

5.  He brings kids presents on Christmas because he wants to celebrate Jesus’s birthday and help you celebrate, too.

6.  We can do things every year (and all the time) to be like Jesus, too.  Just like Santa did. (This is where we purge all of the toys she no longer plays with and donate them to Good Will every year).


Does anyone else have any ideas on how to deal with Santa and still focus on Jesus?

Oh, and Merry early Christmas, from our house to yours. :)



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